Lettuce – Red Butterhead


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Add a vibrant color to your salads with these beautiful red butterhead lettuces. This lettuce is similar in both texture and flavor to our popular green butterhead lettuce, yet red butterhead forms a slightly larger, more robust and crispy central heart with an exceptionally sweet flavor. Use it in the same manner as you would use green butterhead lettuce. You may prefer it!

From the description for our green butterhead lettuce: Butterhead lettuce is a type of lettuce that includes Bibb lettuce and Boston lettuce. It forms a loose, succulent heart with a buttery, crisp texture and sweet flavor, without even a hint of bitterness. The leaves of this medium-sized green butterhead lettuce are perfectly-sized for a hamburger, and, paired with our red butterhead lettuce, they just happen to make some of the best salads!