Farm FAQs

Where is Lockcuff Family Farms located?

Our farm is located in the Bado community right in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Texas County, Missouri.

Where can I get Lockcuff Family Farms produce?

Our primary method of providing fresh produce is via. home delivery. We deliver produce every Friday of every week. Place the order, provide an address, and we’ll handle the rest. Just be sure to enter your zip code on the “online market” page to ensure that we do deliver to your area.

Will you still deliver if I’m not home?

We’ll still deliver. You simply pay ahead of time with credit card when placing your order.

Do you accept checks?

Of course! If you wish to pay with a check, choose the “cash on delivery” payment option when you place your orders through our website.

Are you an organic farm?

While as our farm is not certified organic, we do not spray harmful chemicals on our food, nor do we use soil-damaging chemical fertilizers. Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on improving and balancing the soil for a healthier, more sustainable and unhindered crop that, in turn, produces a far more nutritious end product. For more information on how exactly we achieve this, view “How We Grow”.