Online Market

Online Market


The season is starting to wind down. I am quickly selling out of crops, and it will soon be too cold for others out in the field; consequently, I have decided that December 16th, Friday of next week, will be our last delivery and sales day for the season. We are NOT quitting!! The goal is to be selling loads of fresh veggies again by early May of 2023, so keep your eyes peeled as we continue to keep everyone updated going into the next season.

Like I said, for now we will still be doing deliveries this week as well as next week, so don’t forget to place your orders! Provide an address, and we’ll deliver it right to your doorstep. Deliveries free of charge on orders totaling $20 or more, $5 fee on delivery orders totaling less than $20. To receive your order on the weekly delivery date, every Friday between 10am and 5pm, all orders must be placed before midnight on Wednesday. This gives us plenty of time on Thursday to harvest and pack the produce so that it is as fresh as possible for deliveries on Friday.

Thank You!